At Allysian Sciences, we are proud our brand is associated with research-driven formulas, a meticulous ingredient selection, and product testing to ensure quality and effective ingredients with guaranteed purity. We strive towards meeting the ever changing health needs of the people around us and the planet we live on.

Our Non-GMO & Organic ingredient policy was created to clearly identify that Allysian products were made without genetically modified (GM) ingredients and those ingredients are also organic.


At Allysian, we believe our customers have a right to know what ingredients are in the foods they purchase. That is why we launched our Non-GMO program for transparency. We believe in being open about our business and product development practices. We believe you should have as much information about the ingredients in our products as we do.


You may have noticed we have removed some non-GMO and organic icons from the product labels. There are two primary reasons why the icons on your product labels have changed:

1. The primary reason is simply due to varied regulatory requirements - not due to any product formula changes. While the formula quality remains the same the number of locations we want to be able to provide the product to, due to demand has increased. As the regulatory environment differs in each market the requirements for claims specific to items like "non-GMO" and "organic" vary greatly. To be able to ship product to more countries in these initial stages - without having to customize labels to each area - we have removed some statements to make it easier to get product to new customers in more places. To maintain the highest quality, the testing required for each ingredient used in Allysian products surpasses some certification testing requirements. Each ingredient is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and has its own Certificate of Analysis.

2. The second reason is that the icons on the product labels were represented by our Affiliates as third party certifications. That is simply not the case. To clarify, the icons were intended to highlight the fact our sourcing practices focus on highest quality ingredients backed by ingredient testing. That continues to be the case and has not changed. Because we work with independent sales people, our Affiliates, it is extremely important that they correctly speak about the products with others who are just looking at the products for the first time. The complexity of Genesis with full spectrum approach to nutrition and over 74 ingredients, means that it cannot qualify for some third-party certifications without being separated into multiple products. Our goal is to give you the best results, the most value, with the highest quality ingredients working together in one product and we will not sacrifice that for a third-party certification created for much simpler products with fewer ingredients.

Allysian’s Policy on non-GMO’s

Allysian has a policy of not sourcing any GMO ingredients, when at all possible. This begins at the source of the ingredient. Some industries call it non-GMO by origin.

What does that mean?

When we refer to "GMO by origin" it refers to non-GMO practices according to the original plant source. This means that either the ingredient is not commercially available as a GMO crop, or if the option is available, we choose the non-GMO version as our standard practice. This is our policy at Allysian Sciences when we source our ingredients.

Specific guidelines to ensure the ingredients in the Allysian products are "non-GMO by origin":

  • We make specific and detailed inquiries to all our commodity suppliers including their growing practices.
  • We require the suppliers of our ingredients to provide us with documentation certifying they use only the non-bioengineered forms of the ingredients, verifying non-GMO products.
  • Any plant-based raw material derived from sugar beets, corn, soy, canola, or other crop that is commercially available in GMO varieties, suppliers must source "Non-GMO” materials.
  • Our manufacturing and production facilities must take appropriate measures to segregate GMO and non-GMO materials at all times and ensure proper cleaning measures are employed.

Why not pursue certification?
Isn’t certification the best thing you can do?

Verification is not a straight-forward process. Producing a natural health supplement of multiple ingredients -- up to 74 ingredients in Genesis -- that can be traced back to be 'free' from bioengineering or any use of production aids is a very challenging task for many reasons.

♦ Certification of non-GMO and/or organic products is challenging due to the way these products are regulated in Canada and worldwide

Many Canadians assume the regulatory processes between USA and Canada are the same, however, this is the not the case. Same goes for international markets where regulations can be vastly different from Canada as well as the USA. The CFIA-accredited agencies that certify a product as organic in Canada follow the Canadian Organic standards to assess ingredients and production methods. However these standard processes for organic or non-GMO certification in Canada are almost predominantly developed for agricultural goods.  The 'source or origin' of products is therefore the main determining factor for certification for Allysian's multi-ingredient natural health products, as opposed to PCR* testing. Allysian’s ingredients are organically sourced, non-GMO by origin and are working towards certified status.

*PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Testing is a technique used to detect genetic modification through the DNA for ingredients that are suspected to be high at-risk ingredients (e.g. soy, canola, corn, etc.) that are typically grown commercially as genetically engineered.

♦ Certification is a long process where patience is required

Genesis with more than 74 ingredients will take a very long time to qualify for some certifications as it is simply not possible to have each ingredient certified by the same agency.

♦ When we are talking about natural health products, the specialized ingredients that benefit our health are not really a concern for genetic modification.

There are some ingredients that are easy to define what is and what is not GMO. Humifulvate, from Hungarian peat soil, is not a concern for genetic modification and is already organic, thus certification by the Non-GMO Project or organic standards in Canada may not apply. Probiotics which are already in its unadulterated forms, and will not be found modified in nature is another example of this and may not be able to achieve 100% "verification". GMO products are generally relevant to large commodity crops in the food industry, like corn, soy, and canola and are thus scrutinized more heavily for non-GMO verification. In comparison, products derived from animals (e.g. fish oils) for example, is defined by the Non-GMO Project as "non-GMO" when their feed is verified to be free of all GMO ingredients.

♦ Products bearing the "Non-GMO Project Verified" seal is not necessarily GMO free.

Unfortunately, the Non-GMO Project issued a statement that the risk of contamination to seeds, crops, ingredients and products is too high to reliably claim that a product is 100% GMO "free." They have also acknowledged that there will be a contamination risk even with a third-party verification system, where standards cannot completely eliminate the unintentional cross-contamination of GMO products into non-GMO supplies making it virtually impossible to eliminate cross-contamination risk in the food system.

♦ Organic certification standards may allow contact with non-organic residues:

Organic practices and [the organic] standard cannot assure that organic products are entirely free of residues of substances prohibited by this standard and of other contaminants, since exposure to such compounds from the atmosphere, soil, groundwater and other sources may be beyond the control of the operator. The practices permitted by this standard are designed to assure the least possible residues at the lowest possible levels.

Organic agriculture still permit fertilizers, plant foods, crop production aids, and materials for weed management. This also includes the permitted use of both organic and non-organic ingredients for processing and sanitation, including disinfectants, sanitizers, and pest control substances.

For more information about permitted substances in organic agriculture please see here:

We are working towards non-GMO verified product status.

We recognize and understand the importance of non-engineered, organic ingredients in the Allysian product lines and that it is of high value to our customers. The Allysian products continue to undergo further evolution and thus any certifications will be considered once we have them where we want them to be, in terms of efficacy and potency.

In the meantime, our customers can trust that Allysian delivers clean, efficacious, and effective research-based products that follow the practices of our non-GMO & organic policy.


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